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ZaibuBelts is premium manufacturer of wrestling belts for pro wrestling industry. Zaibu Belts has made belts for thousands of wrestling fans and many companies around the World. We can make all types of wrestling belts like custom logos, unique idea in Wrestling belts etc. We will make any type of Wrestling belts Design According to your Specifications. We Provide High Quality and any Quantity at Best Prices.


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ZaibuBelts Legacy

We are master craftsman, blending the ancient artistry of Metal-Work with the precision of latest CNC machinery to create exquisite wrestling belts that justifies the essence of championship glory. With skilled hands and creative spirit, we meticulously craft plates and tool every piece of leather, infusing our belts with great craftsmanship which fetch attention to detail.

Experience True Craftmanship

At ZaibuBelts our mission is creating premium quality engraved championship belts, offered at affordable prices, and manufactured in dependable and rapid turnaround time. Many years have passed we have crafted thousands of belts. We have friendly customer service and care system due to which the costumers have trust in us.


Cutting edge techniques applied to ancestral skills

We use latest cutting-edge techniques to engrave our products to ensure the quality of belts and the fines of the motif. As these techniques are verified by international companies that these are very useful in creating quality Products.

High Quality and Specific Knowledge

To Ensure the quality of our belts which are under production we have hired the experienced and knowledge employees to monitor the production process. We have also hired the experts which checks about the capabilities of chemical etching and electroplating. This the main reason of the Quality of Our Products.


Wrestling Belts

Every type of wrestling belt is available in our Store. We make the High-Quality Wrestling belts. We do everything to maintain our quality. Also, we have delivered Thousands of Wrestling Belts Around the World and Our Costumers show 100% trust on us.

Custom Wrestling Belts

ZaibuBelts makes Custom Belts for all types of Custom corporate events, occasions and themes. We also help you in making your artwork concept into completion. We also create different designs according to your specifications.

If you want any custom belt of any design then let us know we are here to complete your concept artwork.

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