Our Mission Statement

ZaibuBelts mission is to become the most desirable bespoke luxury brand by offering craftsmanship beyond imagination, innovative design and great customer experience. We envision to become one of the World’s no.1 premium customized handcraft brand for next Generations to come with no harm towards environment.

Our Vision Statement

We envision a world where every wrestling enthusiast can proudly showcase our premium handcrafted championship belt, knowing it embodies both their passion and dedication. We aspire to lead the industry in delivering premium customized handcrafted championship belts. Forecasting a culture where every championship lover can showcase their premium customized dream belt with pride.

What Are We?

We employ more than 98 skilled persons in team who work remotely to serve our customers.
We employ best professionals of leather tooling and innovative team. Our founder and CEO started ZaibuBelts in 2017. Now we are one of the largest producer of customized championship belts. We have one of the expensive engraving machines with whom we engrave on zinc and brass. We have made belts for thousands of wrestling fans and many companies around the World. We strive to make best trophies & championship accessories serve our customers worldwide. We have done around customizations of all types of championship belts like custom logos, unique idea in Wrestling belts etc.

How we do ?

We are master craftsman, blending the ancient artistry of Metal-Work with the precision of latest CNC machinery to create exquisite wrestling belts that justifies the essence of championship glory. With skilled hands and creative spirit, we meticulously craft plates and tool every piece of leather, infusing our belts with great craftsmanship which fetch attention to detail. Our dedication is matched only by our passion for the wrestling sport. Our commitment to excellence ensures every aspect of our operation from careful selection of materials to the precision of our manufacturing process, making sure each belt that we produce is a symbol of status. As pioneers in our field, we stand at the forefront of innovation, continually pushing the boundaries of design while upholding the rich heritage of our craft.

Contacting Us:

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may contact us using the information below. Info@zaibubelts.com  /  contact@zaibubelts.com or  jaguarcompany786@gmail.com

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